Toddler Stay and Plays

Parents and carers, come to play in the woods with their toddlers to explore nature, habitats and get messy! Mesy Play! Sand Pit! Bugs or Faries? Campfire!

Holiday Camps!

A Day in the woods with lots of friends, exploring Habitats, Nature and the wildlife. lots of crafts, and campfire cooking. A chance to give children freedom in the great outdoors! Go Wild! Bug hunting! Bug Hotel! Chalking! Gutters! Hanging Around! Swinging! Digger Driving! Snack Time! Clay Butterfly! Friendships! Marshmallows! Exploring! And Chill! Are there […]

After School Clubs

A Friday evening forest school session for children to unwind around a camp fire and learn how to use tools, build dens, bug hunt, hang in the hammocks and make some new friends. This is the perfect environment for children to explore nature, and build self confidence. it provides opportunities for children to take risks, […]

Setting Up.

Busy onsite Minibeasts today, my son is modelling our new chalk board, we have got our cover up and have started to create a wildlife pond! Lots to explore!

Birds Nests

Stumbled across a thrush nest today in Minibeasts HQ! Amazing wildlife all around us!

Tree Climbing

Look no hands!! And I am just being a sloth!! My middle Minibeast testing her mental limits and embarking on some risk taking!

Den Building.

On-site Minibeasts with only my minis here, building dens and exploring.


We were finding lots of homes today in the woods.. Badger Set, Rabbit Warren and a fox’s Den. relaxed conversations about where/how and why animals build their different homes.. Always a learning environment.

Camp fires

Camp fires and marshmallows! I love these babies!! Looking forward to having lots of children here enjoying the woodlands when we are allowed! ❤️❤️

Log pile house

Our giant log pile, being built up to create a bug hotel, all ready for our minibeasts to find and explore… .