The Wilderness Sanctuary
Specialist outdoor workshops dedicated to improving children's mental wellbeing and self esteem.
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The Wilderness Sanctuary
Experienced therapist working alongside the Minibeast team with bespoke workshops on anxiety and friendships/relationships
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Minibeasts are excited to be running Wilderness Therapy inspired workshops for children and young people, alongside highly experienced therapist, Chloe Caton.

Our Wilderness sanctuary sessions are carefully structured to ensure children and young people feel safe, comfortable and supported at all times. We are dedicated to provide professional support for children and young people that really need it.

What is The Wilderness Sanctuary?

The Wilderness Sanctuary is a safe space for children and young people to connect with nature, horses and access professional support. We provide a Wilderness therapy approach with mix of Forest Schooling, Holistic teaching, Equine Therapy and Counselling within a group setting. 

The Wilderness Sanctuary  can provide an encouraging and understanding exploration for self-discovery, by creating a peaceful, natural and grounding environment close to nature. 

The idea of our workshops is to learn how to manage emotions, build self esteem, confidence and ways of relating to self and others. 

What Wilderness therapy can help with?

The outcome of our workshops is to enable your child or young person to be able to look at themselves with awareness, it will encourage healthy decision making, start to grow confidence and self esteem and to establish their ways of relating to others, through friendships, siblings, parents and applying all they learn to their lives.

What's included and how much does it cost?

The Wilderness Sanctuary is providing  workshops for children and young adults,  two hour workshops touching on anxiety and friendships/relationships along with refreshments and campfire cooking.

Beginning of each Workshop.

Getting comfortable within our woodland surroundings talking about confidentiality and setting boundaries within the group, so that young people can feel heard, safe and contained.

Anxiety Workshop

What is Anxiety? Why do we have anxieties? What coping strategies can help with anxiety?

 A chance for children and young people to  explore and self reflect.  

Friendships and Relationships Workshop

Who am i? How do i feel about who i am? Heathy friendships, What to look for in a good friend, How to interact and be involved within groups. When is a friendship/relationship an unhealthy one, or a positive one.

End of each Workshop.

Teaching children and young people how to apply what they have learnt to their lives, looking at the concept of new ideas and ways of thinking about themselves and managing expectations within friendships and relationships. 

Workshops cost

£ 90
  • Includes
  • 2hr workshop
  • Age groups 7-11 years, 12-16 years
  • Small groups (up to 12 children only)

Chloe Caton

Chloe is a qualified therapist (MBACP) with many years in the NHS youth counselling service and private practice. Specialising in young people and their mental health, self esteem and ways of relating. She provides experiential group therapy to help learn, grow and establish who we are.

Michelle Stokes

Owner of Minibeasts Woodland Explorers.

 I am a fully qualified childcare practitioner with over 15 years experience with children from nursery age to youth. I have worked along side children with a number of complex needs including Anxiety, Autism, ADHD and Bereavement.  I am passionate in providing  a space for children and young adults, to help them to gain confidence and  skills to become well rounded adults. 

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