Campfire Cooking

Getting creative with food


One of the highlights for our group times is our campfires! the children love cooking different things and getting creative with food.

We have cooked sausages, pancakes, popcorn, marshmallows, banana splits, chocolate strawberries, bread, toasting hot cross buns and fruit toast.

Cooking on the campfire is a perfect way for children to manage risks, become aware of fire safety and to grow in confidence. Children are able to get involved with cooking, learn how to light and extinguish a campfire safely, and enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors!

Other things we do...

Crafts and Woodwork

Our Woodlands create the perfect environment to create with natural materials surrounding us. we have whittled wands, fairy wings, swords and bow and arrows.

Wildlife and Habitats

We have a Beautiful private woodlands and we are lucky enough to attract all sorts of birds and animals to our site.