Climbing and Swinging

Trees are made for climbing 🙂


Within our woodlands there are lots of opportunities for children to Climb and Swing.

We have our Trees, Tyres and Logs to walk, climb and balance on, our Slack Line with bars, rope ladder and hoops, our Hammocks and our Tyre swing.

Loads of entertainment for children to strengthen their Physical and Mental development. testing themselves with how high they can climb, how to manoeuvre over different courses, hanging upside down and working together to support and help one another. 

All of these things create opportunities for great team building skills.

Other things we do...

Crafts and Woodwork

Our Woodlands create the perfect environment to create with natural materials surrounding us. we have whittled wands, fairy wings, swords and bow and arrows.

Wildlife and Habitats

We have a Beautiful private woodlands and we are lucky enough to attract all sorts of birds and animals to our site.

Campfire Cooking

One of the highlights for our group times is our campfires! the children love cooking different things and getting creative with food.