Pond Dipping

Learn about lifecycles, habitats and pond life


We are extremely lucky to have a small pond on our site! 

We love exploring in and around the pond to see what is living and growing around us!

We have lots of nets and have found a number of different beetles, fish, snails, toads and currently have been looking at life cycle of a frog. We had lots of frogspawn in our pond that the children have been watching over the coming weeks turning into tadpoles and eventually frogs. 

This is a fabulous way for the children to learn about lifecycles, habitats and pond life.

This gives children opportunities to manage risks , assess their safety around the outside of the pond and grow in knowledge and understanding of the world around us. 

Other things we do...

Crafts and Woodwork

Our Woodlands create the perfect environment to create with natural materials surrounding us. we have whittled wands, fairy wings, swords and bow and arrows.

Wildlife and Habitats

We have a Beautiful private woodlands and we are lucky enough to attract all sorts of birds and animals to our site.

Campfire Cooking

One of the highlights for our group times is our campfires! the children love cooking different things and getting creative with food.