Wildlife and Habitats

Discovering our woodland minibeasts


We have a Beautiful private woodlands and we are lucky enough to attract all sorts of birds and animals to our site. 

We have a motion sensor camera that we set up onsite to follow our wildlife and see who has been visiting us throughout the quiet periods when we are not there. 

We have Badger sets, Rabbit warrens, fox Dens, Birds nests and Boxes and have lots of Deer that we have captured on camera within the woodlands.

we have wild flowers and grass areas for Bees and Butterflies, We have our pond for frogs, newts, toads dragonflies and other species.

This is really amazing for the children to discover different types of homes that our woodland animals and other bugs and creatures create. 

Children have an opportunity to build homes for animals, stacking wood for bug hotels, birds nests, piling leaves for hedgehogs and they are able to learn about what animals needs to survive, just like we need ourselves.

This allows children to become aware of self care and caring for others, animals and other beings, it teaches empathy and a deeper understanding of looking after and protecting our animals and our planet. 

Other things we do...

Crafts and Woodwork

Our Woodlands create the perfect environment to create with natural materials surrounding us. we have whittled wands, fairy wings, swords and bow and arrows.

Campfire Cooking

One of the highlights for our group times is our campfires! the children love cooking different things and getting creative with food.